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Your Back to School Sleep Schedule

your back to school sleep schedule

NOW is the time to get your child's back to school sleep schedule ready for the new school year!

Summer vacation is full of fun and sun, but it is not always great for sleep. Our kid's naps are often skipped and/or bedtime is late. All of those exceptions are worth it when you consider that we only have 18 summers with our kids at home. But when we head back to school we want to make sure that they are well-rested.

A back to school sleep schedule is important for all of us, but for a child, it is extra important. Healthy sleep can improve their cognitive ability, their mood, their coordination and even their immune system. All of those in top notch shape are important for a great school year.

We just have a handful of days left to prepare for school and while you may be out shopping for backpacks and filling the school supply checklist you might also consider putting a bit of focus back into sleep.

Use these tips to get your child's sleep ready for school (click to read more):

healthy sleep for back to school

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Judith O'Donnell
Judith O'Donnell
Aug 03, 2023

These posts are quite helpful. Kids can be a handful anytime -- but getting up for school! A real challenge!

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