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Healthy Sleep: A Sleep Schedule

a sleep schedule

Are you struggling with your child’s sleep? Have you ever wondered how much sleep your child needs and when? Should they sleep on a schedule or based on how long they have been awake? The answer is – this depends on their age and how quickly they transition through sleep milestones.

What Is Healthy Sleep?

Healthy sleep is like a puzzle. You need all of the pieces for it to come together. A sleep schedule is a large part of that puzzle. I know that you have heard or read differing opinions on this, but here’s the deal: after 4 months of age a set sleep schedule at the right times of day is very important.

The balance of a sleep schedule and amount of sleep plays along with the other components of healthy sleep to help create the full sleep puzzle:

  • A safe sleep environment

  • sleep conducive sleep environment

  • An age appropriate sleep schedule

  • A bedtime routine (good for both babies and toddlers)

  • An early bedtime

  • An independent sleeper

For more on a healthy sleep schedule, head on over to the full blog at Orlando Mom Collective.

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