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My Reason For Becoming A Sleep Consultant

my reason for becoming a sleep consultant

As we eagerly anticipated the arrival of our first son, Jack, my husband and I meticulously prepared for his arrival. From setting up the crib to adorning his room, washing tiny clothes, to delving into books on various stages of infancy and sleep techniques – we thought we had covered it all. Little did we know, parenthood had a few surprises in store for us.

On that snowy August day in Lake Tahoe (yes, it even snowed in August!), our little one entered our lives with his adorable face and tiny body. We quickly realized that despite our preparations, we weren't equipped for the sleep challenges that awaited us. Night wakings, short naps, and the struggle to get him to sleep became our new reality.

By the time he was two months old, we had relocated across the country, and my desperation to help him sleep better led to co-sleeping and nursing him to sleep every time. Breastfeeding on demand seemed like the answer, yet something felt amiss. It was during a visit to my cousin's home in Virginia, where her three children effortlessly went to bed, that I recognized that I needed guidance.

Sleep Consultant
Please note: this is an example of unsafe sleep

Upon returning home, I delved into extensive Google searches: "how do I get my baby to sleep better," "how to transition my baby to his crib," "how to get baby to fall asleep on his own." That's when I stumbled upon the term "Sleep Consultant." Little did I know that there were professionals out there ready to assist in teaching my son healthier sleep habits.

Among the responses I received, it was the Sleep Consultant who stood out. Her quick response and thoughtful understanding of my challenges made the decision clear. Two days later, our transformative journey began.

Admittedly, I was nervous about the impending change – for both my son and myself. Over two weeks of collaboration, we witnessed a remarkable shift. From two short naps with me lying next to him to sleeping through the night in his crib, along with more structured nap times, the change was incredible. My son became a well-rested, happier baby, and I discovered newfound energy and patience. The transformation was nothing short of life-changing for our family.

after healthy sleep

Realizing the incredible gift we had given our child, the positive impact on our family, and the restoration of date nights with my husband, I knew I had to pay it forward. Thus, my journey to becoming a Sleep Consultant began in 2015. I soon began my studies with The Family Sleep Institute.

To this day, I am passionate about helping other families find the same peace and happiness with sleep that we discovered. Jack remains a healthy sleeper, years later, and advocates for healthy sleep for all. His brother, just 15 months younger, has followed in his footsteps of healthy sleep. Due to the importance of Jack's sleep journey, he proudly serves as Smart Night Sleep's official mascot!

Smart Night Sleep mascot

Sleep Consulting more than a profession; it's a calling to make a positive difference in the lives of exhausted parents and their little ones. Join me on this journey to well-rested nights and joyful sleep for your family! 💤🌙

Wishing you rest,

smart night sleep

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Smart Night Sleep

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