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I Am Proud To Say: I Sleep Trained My Kids

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Yes I said it, I sleep trained my kids. I did, and frankly I am proud of it! I should say “we” did, because my husband and I made the choice together. Here’s why we made that choice and why I know it was a good one.

Today I was looking at some photos of our first child when he was an infant. I noticed that most of the photos that I chose to print, or perhaps maybe even chose to take was of him sleeping. Maybe I was just in awe that he was sleeping? I had a little internal chuckle because looking back on those days, he hardly ever slept. In turn, I hardly ever slept...

My Best,

Certified Sleep Consultant

Certified Sleep Consultant


*based in Orlando, FL, but work remotely with families

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