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Spring Forward with Ease: Navigating Daylight Savings for Restful Nights

Spring Forward with Ease: Navigating Daylight Savings for Restful Nights

Can you believe it's daylight savings time again? Time sure flies! It feels like we just turned our clocks back yesterday, and now we're facing another adjustment. Just when we think we've nailed down a solid sleep routine for our little ones, the clock throws us a curveball. But fear not! I'm here to share some tips on helping your child navigate the spring forward time change.

The good news is, while we adults lose an hour of sleep, our children actually tend to "sleep in" based on the clock. So if your child typically wakes up at 6 am, they'll snooze until 7 am that day! Pretty neat, huh? This shift can be especially helpful for kids who wake a bit too early.

However, for kiddos who wake at a reasonable time, the time change might mean needing to wake them up a bit earlier. To ensure they stay well-rested, this adjustment will need to be balanced out.

Here's how we can tackle the spring forward time change like pros:

  1. Ease In: Begin three days ahead of time by gradually shifting everything in your child's routine back by 15 minutes each day. From meals to playtime, aim to make the transition seamless. You can even start earlier or take it slower if needed, just ensure you're on track by the day of the time change.

  2. Jump In: This one's my personal favorite, especially in the spring and for well-rested kiddos. On the day of the time change, simply follow the clock as it reads. This might mean waking your child a bit earlier in the morning to preserve their sleep schedule for the rest of the day. If they end up missing out on an hour of sleep, consider an earlier bedtime that evening to make up for it.

Bonus Tip: If you use a toddler clock, don't forget to adjust the time the night before!

I understand that daylight savings can throw a wrench into our sleep routines, and an overtired child is no fun for anyone. But with a solid plan in place, you can navigate this time change with ease and ensure everyone gets the rest they need. You've got this! 💤

Wishing you rest,

sleep consultant

Jennie Clarke

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Smart Night Sleep

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