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Sleep Hacks for Vacation with Children

sleep hacks for vacation with children

It’s summer and summer means; V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! Vacation can disrupt sleep, unless you plan for it. With a few hacks, you can ensure that everyone gets a good night’s sleep (aka a smart night sleep) while traveling. Here are some sleep hacks for vacation with children:

Choose accommodations wisely:

This is my #1 vacation sleep hack. The right place to stay can make or break your sleep while on vacation. When selecting accommodations, opt for family-friendly options that offer separate sleeping areas or rooms. This allows children to have their own space, reducing disruptions and promoting better sleep for everyone. It also allows you as the parent to not have to go to bed when the kids are going to bed. Our family loves to travel in suite-type hotels or vacation rentals.

Pack a Sleep Bag:

Coming in at #2: Pack familiar comfort items such as stuffed animals, blankets, or pillows that your children associate with sleep. Having these familiar items with them can provide a sense of security and help them relax in a new environment. Having it all in one bag (i.e. the “Sleep Bag’) is convenient. If you arrive close to bedtime, then all you need to worry about unpacking is the sleep bag, at first. The rest of unpacking can come after the kids are asleep.

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