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Your Child’s Sleep and the Family Vacation

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

sleep and the family vacation

I have a PASSION for sleep. So much so, I help families get the rest that they need as a Sleep Consultant. One topic that comes up often is how to go on a family vacation without totally messing up your little one’s sleep. I hear ya!

Our family loves to travel, even just to get away for a weekend here or there, it is important for our sanity. We all need a break from the grind, and travel usually does the trick. “BUT JENNIE,” you might say! “Sleep, is WAY up there on our sanity list, too!” Amen, and amen! Unfortunately, sleep can sometimes be one of the first things to go out the window on vacation. Let’s change that!

If our kids get too far off of schedule, sometimes it can be difficult to bring them back. You may know this all too well. Perhaps after travel, you’ve ended up with a child who doesn’t want to go to bed or is even waking in the night.

I remember our first trip after we helped our first son achieve great sleeping habits. I was nervous about messing up my precious little sleeper’s sleep! That first trip went well, with only one hiccup and all subsequent trips have gone very well, even if hiccups occur. So I want to share with you how we make it work, and still get to have fun!...

Read more here at Orlando Mom Collective.

sleep and the family vacation

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