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Get a good night sleep the smart way.

Helping families sleep the night away since 2016. Smart Sleep Means A Rested Tomorrow



Hi, I'm Jennie Clarke, Certified Baby & Child Sleep Consultant

Welcome tired parent. Years ago, when I had my first child, I was tired too. My son would not sleep for longer than 30 minutes in the day and 2 hours at night. I searched and searched for help, but ultimately it was a Sleep Consultant who created the right plan for my son and my family. 

It is due the dramatic results that we had working with a Sleep Consultant that I became certified through the Family Sleep Institute in 2016. Over the years have worked with hundreds of families to achieve healthy sleep. 

I would be honored to help your family get the rest that you all need. 

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Tell me more...

I would love to!

May I offer you a complimentary 15 minute introductory call?

If you are looking for smart and healthy sleep habits for your child, I can help!​

This is a great first step on the road towards healthy sleep. Setting up the proper sleep foundation of independent sleep for your child is vital.

To contact me, please fill out the form below. I check email many times throughout the day and will respond within 24 hours.

I cannot wait to speak with you. I am so glad you are here.

Sleep Consulting the Smart Way

Sleep is a necessity in our lives, just as is food and hygiene. While in the hospital, nurses help us to learn how to feed our babies, bathe our babies, but no one shares with us what we need to know to help our babies be well rested. This is where we come in. Check out the services we offer:

What Well Rested Parents Say

"Jennie really helped my 2 year old have a better schedule for this age. We were at a loss and had found no ways to help our sleep-deprived son catch up on his much needed sleep. Jennie was able to help us implement an easy plan and was responsive to any questions we had. She instilled hope and confidence in us and our son, which is exactly what we needed when we felt like we had no other options. I am so grateful for this investment and know that I can always rely on Jennie with any future sleep goals or needs!

Caitlin M.

"Jennie changed our lives. Sleep has always been a struggle for us. Despite our best efforts, at 11 months, our son was still taking short naps and waking every two hours at night (which meant I was waking every two hours to nurse him back to sleep). I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I needed help - real help. Jennie was incredibly supportive during our time together. She answered all of our questions in an open and honest way and validated our experience as parents. Jennie provided us with invaluable tools for successful sleep which has positively impacted every inch of our lives. Our son is now on an age appropriate schedule, takes solid naps during the day, and sleeps through the night. I am beyond grateful we took the leap of faith and worked with Jennie! Seriously the best money we’ve ever spent."

Mara H.

"I'm so thankful I hired a pro! My twins are 8 months old and I thought I could handle it on my own but these boys proved otherwise. They were my 3rd and 4th babies but completely different from my first two. They were getting up 2-5 times a night each so I was spending all night switching back and forth between babies.

Now they sleep for 12-13 hours with no feedings. They go to sleep within minutes. And for the most part stay asleep. If they do wake up in the middle of the night they can get themselves back to sleep pretty quickly with no intervention from me.

I feel like I have my life back, its amazing. There were some nights that were difficult but we all pushed through and I'm so happy with the results. I followed the schedule given me to a T. I would definately recommend putting everything on hold for the first 2 weeks while they learn their new skill/schedule. I would not have been able to do this without support from Jennie.

And now that they can sleep through the night they can have sleepovers at Grammy's house so I can get a date night in. This has been life changing!"

Richard & Laura

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